SQL BinLog is churning up my GCP space. What to do?

I have recently installed openlightspeed wordpress and really impressed with the kind of speed it provides but still I'm seeing issues with the bin log files. Just like it has in bitnami.
Now, anyone please guide me how can I add expire binlogs in my sql configuration via SSH.
In your mysqld.cnf file you can use one of the following:

1- binlog_expire_logs_seconds = 172800
This set it to lower rotate/clean intervals, so it'll reduce the amount of disk space used.
2- skip-log-bin
If you don't use DB replication, you can skip it all together and save all the space. I've disabled it on my servers and don't have binlog taking up space anymore. If you use this, you'll need to manually delete the binlog file from command line or from mysql.