1. P

    How to Use fastapi with OLS

    There is a very helpful guide on setting the OLS server for Flask and for Django, but I have not been able to find any similar guide for the fastapi. I followed the instructions on, but I got: [ERROR] [UID:65534][149926] wsgiHandler getApp [application] failed...
  2. N

    Easy WSGI reset for Python/Django/Wagtail hosted websites

    If your OpenLiteSpeed setup is pointed to the file in python it can be confusing when changes made in your local python app won't update as expected when changes are pulled to your website or pushed. Graceful (from OLS Backend), Soft & Hard (from Linux command line) OLS server resets...
  3. maicol07

    How to configure OLS LSWGI with a DJango app

    Hi, I'm trying to install Weblate, a DJango app. I've followed this guide: and installed LSWGI and configured the context app server with these parameters: When I try to go to the website, I get a...
  4. artertendean

    Django: How to Apply New Changes

    How to apply my changes in Django app in openlitespeed? For example, in Cpanel, I just need to run 'touch tmp/restart.txt'
  5. P

    Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: Unable to get the locale encoding

    Has anyone successfully configured python wsgi? Trying to make Falcon work with openlitespeed but I can even make Flask work following instruction here: I keep stumbling with following error in stderr.log 2020-05-09 08:59:17.306 [STDERR]...
  6. violetcode

    Django perpetual 404s when visiting project directory URL

    I have a very strange problem with Django and OLS. I am using the OpenLitespeed Django one click install droplet on Digital Ocean ( In both my custom app and the example app in the droplet, if I visit a URL that...
  7. Catie

    Python LiteSpeed LSAPI 503 Error

    I followed the documentation found: Currently running OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.30, CentOS 7, Python 2.7.5 Downloaded the latest wsgi 1.4, setup everything exactly as described.. When trying to review my "test code" I get Error 503, Service Unavailable...
  8. D

    Issues With Python WSGI

    I have followed the guides to setup WSGI including this one. I'm currently using the hello world script and keep getting a 503 error. I'm running on Ubuntu 16.04, no special install of the OS with latest stable OpenLiteSpeed installed (1.4.28) and wsgi-lsapi 1.2 Any help/guidance would be...