1. UNREALre

    Help with rewrite

    Hello! First of all, sorry for my english. I have a major problem that I can't solve for about two days already... I can't properly write rewrite rule. What I want to do? I need my web site to ignore number of string in url. For example, I have link:
  2. E

    Cannot seem to get domain alias to work--i'm getting 404 errors

    I am new to openlitespeed, and am figuring I am missing something pretty basic (And embarrasingly simple) but I am at my wits end. what I am using I am using openlitespeed as part of the new package at digital ocean. I have setup several wordpress domains successfully and have them using ssl...
  3. I

    How to make a 301 redirect in OLS

    Hello, I have noticed that I have some 404 errors on my website. I have tried to fix them by putting the following instruction in the .htaccess but it does not work: Redirect 301 /urlwith404 Investigating through the forum, I have seen that OLS does not accept...