1. L

    wordpress generated .htaccess doesn't work

    I have migrated wordpress website for my client to VPS with Cyberpanel, but I have issue with .htaccess that doesn't work. I checked in multiple configurations but not much worked. Could somebody help me? My .htaccess file content: ``` # BEGIN WP Rocket v3.11.3 # Use UTF-8 encoding for anything...
  2. C

    Relatively simple rewrite rule not effective

    I want to have requests to this url result in a 404 response, via the Rewrite Rules setting for the virtual host in the OLS web console: I have a 404 rule working for another page, but this one has been stubborn to find the right rule expression. I've tried this...
  3. kycleaners

    Possible .htaccess issue?

    Hello all I am having a bit of trouble. I moved my site from a NGIX server to a LiteSpeed server and now the homepage and wp-admin folder work fine but all my pages and blog posts are giving 404 errors. I have been googling this for the past hour and a half and have finally come here for help...
  4. S

    Rewrite Rules (Disabled by CyberPanel)

    Hi, I'm trying to configure my VHost Template via OLS web panel but met this: Rewrite Rules (Disabled by CyberPanel). Why and how it's disabled and how to enable it? Grateful for the advice or some direction...
  5. maicol07

    Apache Rewrite Rules not working

    Hi, I'm trying to install XBackBone and it has the following rewrite rules in its .htaccess: Options -Indexes <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(app|bin|bootstrap|resources|storage|vendor|logs|*|)$ - [NC,F] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f...
  6. freddiehdxd

    Nginx To Litespeed Help

    Hello guys hope you're doing wonderful my issue is that l was running a script on nginx and this was my config but l need this location / { proxy_pass http://IP:3000/; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection 'upgrade'...
  7. C

    Unable to rewrite URL for subdomain

    Hi, I have below scenario. I have my main site at and i have a subdomain at Main site document root is /home/ & subdomain document root is changed to /home/ Basically i am serving static content...
  8. UNREALre

    Help with rewrite

    Hello! First of all, sorry for my english. I have a major problem that I can't solve for about two days already... I can't properly write rewrite rule. What I want to do? I need my web site to ignore number of string in url. For example, I have link:
  9. E

    Cannot seem to get domain alias to work--i'm getting 404 errors

    I am new to openlitespeed, and am figuring I am missing something pretty basic (And embarrasingly simple) but I am at my wits end. what I am using I am using openlitespeed as part of the new package at digital ocean. I have setup several wordpress domains successfully and have them using ssl...
  10. I

    How to make a 301 redirect in OLS

    Hello, I have noticed that I have some 404 errors on my website. I have tried to fix them by putting the following instruction in the .htaccess but it does not work: Redirect 301 /urlwith404 Investigating through the forum, I have seen that OLS does not accept...