ubunutu 20.04

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    Struggling with deploying Node Express app

    Hi, I am very new to hosting and purchased a VPS to host a 1 page Node website. This will expand in time to a full website. In the meantime I have been trying to get this hosted for over 1 month now and am really getting frustrated. I initially had a VPS setup with Ubuntu and Cyberpanel with...
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    Server response time logged in log file is greater than TTFB shown in browser

    Hi, We need to log external application i.e lsphp response time. So we are using the following log format. logFormat %{Host}i %h %t %>s %O %D \"%r\" %{User-agent}i Where %D is reponse time in miroseconds. Here response time is 94221 micro seconds. So it is 94.22 milli seconds. But in...
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    Ubuntu 20.04 focal dependency issue with libzip4

    I tried to install OpenLiteSpeed today on a fresh ubuntu 20.04 droplet on Digital Ocean as per https://openlitespeed.org/kb/install-ols-from-litespeed-repositories/ I can add the repo fine but when I try to do sudo apt install openlitespeed I get openlitespeed : Depends: lsphp73 but it is not...