Accessing OLS using Docker image & DockStation on Windows

@Cold-Egg Yes that's the repo.

The host IP is

DockStation has an Info section for the running container, and this shows two sections 'NetworkSettings' and 'Networks'; In 'NetworkSettings' the settings for Gateway and IPAddress (amongst others) are empty, but in 'Networks' Gateway is set to and IPAddress is - don't know where 172.18.0.x comes from!

Do I need to set environmental variables in docker or in docker-compose.yml?

In Windows cmd, docker network inspect bridge shows Gateway IP as and docker inspect <container id> under network settings shows Gateway IP as and IPAddress as and under ports
"7080/tcp": null entered in a browser gives "This site can't be reached".

I think I need to map the port ... ref

I've tried adding ports: "7080:7080" to the project's docker-compose.yml file but not suceeded in connecting to the container yet.
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I installed the docker desktop version on my windows NB and ran the openlitespeed-docker-env solution, all went well. Did not change anything yet.

Please see below image that I can visit phpmyadmin (https://localhost:8443), also I can visit openlitespeed web admin (https://localhost:7080) as well. Please make sure those three containers are running smoothly and visit those (web admin, sql ) by HTTPS protocol on browser.