Amateur WordPress sysadmin


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I run a handful of hobby/personal WordPress sites, one of which became more than a side-project and outgrew its original shared hosting. Various sleuthing (mostly via led me to OLS/LiteSpeed Cache and my own VPS.

First tried OLS through CyberPanel. Initially everything worked fine but upgrading CyberPanel caused problems requiring some panic Googling/fixing and the error logs would then often show a database crash. Decided to start again on a fresh VPS, this time without CyberPanel as that meant one less installation to go wrong. OLS setup through this video was surprisingly straightforward for an amateur:
. Everything so far seems to be working much more smoothly than before after installing OLS direct and paying attention to the official Debian and certbot documentation. I have learnt (free) control panels may seem a quick way to get going, but they do create issues and you're never quite sure whether the problems lay with the panel or something else.