Configure IIPImage external application on OpenLiteSpeed server


I am very new to working with servers so please bear with me! I have tried reading the docs but everything is so high level I cannot understand what they are trying to convey.
I would really appreciate it if someone took the time to walk me through the basics of OpenLiteSpeed.

All I want is to set up an OpenLiteSpeed server locally and run an external application (IIPImage) for testing purposes. I have successfully installed OpenLiteSpeed and I can access the webAdmin console and the example page at localhost:7080 and localhost:8088 respectively. I have installed IIPImage on my machine and now I want to link the external application iipsrv.fcgi to my OpenLiteSpeed server. I have followed the documentation provided by IIPImage to the letter where they guide you through the web server configuration process of IIPImage, but nothing I try works. What could I be doing wrong? The documentation is sparse and references the old version of OpenLiteSpeed but it is the only thing I have to work on.

I first set up a new virtual host entitled iipsrv-vhost, I defined the external application and pointed to the iipsrv.fcgi file in my fcgi-bin directory. I created a new context linking it to my new iipsrv-vhost virtual host. When I test to see if a page loads at the address I specified, the page is not found (unable to connect).

Is there some major noob mistake I am making here? Any help or explanations on how OpenLiteSpeed runs external applications would be appreciated!

My OS is CentOS7
What's the URL you tried?
Also on the server, If the backend running:
netstat -na | grep 9000
Hello! Thanks for the reply. I have checked and the backend server is running correctly, netstat -na | grep 9000 shows that my fcgi application is listening on the correct port.

In terms of the URL, I tried: "localhost/fcgi-bin/iipsrv.fcgi"

Is this correct? The external fcgi application I want to access is iipsrv.fcgi within my fcgi-bin directory. The documentation I am following states:
"Once the server is installed and configured, pointing a web browser to the iipsrv FCGI URL without any argument (e.g., myurl/fcgi-bin/iipsrv.fcgi) should return a web page".

In this case, I assumed 'myurl' was just localhost since I am running everything on my machine for testing.

I checked the error logs and I am getting the following errors on graceful restarts (as shown in the attached image):
---> [lsphp.00]: Failed to start one instance. pid: -1
---> [config:server:vhosts:vhost:iipsrv-vhost:context:/fcgi-bin/] Can not find handler with type: 11, name: iipsrv-app.

I assume with the second error that the path to my external application is somehow incorrect, I am not sure how though. As to the first error, I also am unsure as to what it means. I ran the PHP test page and everything worked fine. Any ideas?

Another question I had was whether or not I needed to create a seperate listener in order to access my external application?

Thanks! error_log.png
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If you follow that wiki along, it should work. maybe you can try something on a cloud VPS and log a ticket and give us tmp root access to check?