1. N

    Openlitespeed server accepts https request but throws 404 error on http request

    Recently my domain ssl has expired , i am using certbot to generate certificate , but certbot could not renewal ssl because Openlitespeed accepts https request but throws 404 error on http request with same url , certbot uses http request to verify domain to generate ssl , tried several steps to...
  2. Leavii

    Cannot add subdomain to :80 Listener for default site

    Hello there... again. As stated in the title here I cannot add a subdomain for the default site but only for the 80 listener. I have * added on the 443 listener, and www. works as well for 443. On port 80 however, I cannot add any subdomains to the listener for the default site. I...
  3. Leavii

    OLS Multi-WP Sites Setup

    Hate to ask more questions, but here I go again... I want to use OLS to host multiple WP sites. After the first installation using --wordpressplus is it best to use to deploy the remaining installations, copy the example WP site to a new directory each time, or install WP manually...
  4. HLFH

    We need lsphp* ready for Arch Linux in x86_64 architecture

    Currently, on Arch Linux, /usr/local/lsws/admin/fcgi-bin/admin_php is shipped as an ELF 32-bit LSB executable ; so nothing works.
  5. Leavii

    OpenSpeedLite site conf file not writeable.

    I just installed OpenSpeedLite, and created the conf file because it wouldn't create it and to no surprise it is not writeable. I did install as root, but via sudo if that matters, and it appears the service is running as root. Here is what I have. -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jun 9 22:17...
  6. johnsow44

    htaccess not working

    i want to to force a file to download instead of opening in browser but with openlite speed speed its not working. i have used <FilesMatch "\.(mo4|mp3|)$"> ForceType application/octet-stream Header set Content-Disposition attachment </FilesMatch> also AddType application/octet-stream mp4...
  7. Master3395

    MIME type [application/x-httpd-php] for suffix '.php'

    Every now and then i get this type of error in the logs on my OpenLitespeed setup with CyberPanel. Sometimes it shows up for PHP 7.4 and sometimes for 8.1 and 8.2 Not sure why. Php 7.4 is what i mostly use. Any advice? I saw other forum posts, but I have already tried such. MIME type...
  8. L

    Hello Sir, Need some Help Installing WordPress Ubunti 22.04

    i installed openlitespeed by this guide - HERE VPS- Ubuntu 22.04, can you please guide me next step for installing WordPress in it, please help stuck here since 3 days
  9. K

    Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    sir, As soon as I updated my website's server today, I saw the error shown below. Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) Please tell us how to fix it
  10. Master3395

    ExtConn timed out while connecting. CyberPanel

    Hello. Almost once every day, the node project i have run with redis. Turns the page white. I have no idea why it’s white. Showing 503 in the network log. And 0 HTML. Using pm2, I can see the app still running. Does anyone have any idea how I can get it back online? I have tried re-installing...
  11. S

    LS reCaptcha Is Not Working

    I'm using cyberpanel with openlitespeed. I made the adjustments from the litespeed web admin panel but captcha is not showing.
  12. Y

    I upgraded openlitespeed runs php version 8.0, I found wordpress litespeed plugin has critical errors

    I upgraded my Openlitespeed server to run in PHP 8.0. It was fine. the website still runs normally on the front end. but when I go to wp-admin. it says, "There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions." Then I checked the email, the...
  13. Jacky Zhang

    litespeed is not running and Can not Login at WebAdmin, but CyberPanel is OK

    CyberPanel is Ok ,and can Login in. But WebAdmin can not . And LiteSpeed is always not running. Hope you can help me to solve it. Many time to reboot , it is not useful. # /usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl reload [ERROR] litespeed is not running. Command is not useful: systemctl restart lsws...
  14. richardevcom

    Redirect all subdomains but one with specific port

    Hi there. I'm looking to redirect all subdomains but one with specific 6789 port to be redirected to for the Web Admin. So if I visit I get redirected to Is there an option to add Rewrite...
  15. Jacky Zhang

    Perfect OpenLiteSpeed, May I Know which Country It belongs to ?

    I Like OpenLiteSpeed too Much . It is very very Good. I search My Question at Google ,or Baidu, or Bing, Nobody post or write Which Country it belongs to. I also do not see the ducuments or Guides in Chinese Language. But In China, there is big Market for OpenLiteSpeed. Anybody Can tell...
  16. J

    Unable to Use Git PUSH with AWS AMI "WordPress with LiteSpeed" ?

    Is there anything within the Amazon AWS Machine image "WordPress with LiteSpeed" that may prevent me accessing a Git repository (with a private key)? - My OLS install works fine, website up and running. - I can SSH from my local Windows pc to my Ubuntu installation using private keys for user...
  17. deksar

    Use OpenSSL (locally installed) instead of BoringSSL?

    Is it possible to use OpenSSL, pick it up during the installation, instead of fetching and compiling BoringSSL? For BoringSSL, Google states: "BoringSSL is a fork of OpenSSL that is designed to meet Google's needs. Although BoringSSL is an open source project, it is not intended for general...
  18. ankit_nagpal

    Unable to add public_html folder to a group

    I am using CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed with one domain, like: If I add a public_html folder of the domain to a user group, the domain starts giving "too many redirects" error. For example: Command: ls -la /home/ returns: drwxr-x--- 6 exam4939 nogroup 4096 Dec 15...
  19. A

    Server response time logged in log file is greater than TTFB shown in browser

    Hi, We need to log external application i.e lsphp response time. So we are using the following log format. logFormat %{Host}i %h %t %>s %O %D \"%r\" %{User-agent}i Where %D is reponse time in miroseconds. Here response time is 94221 micro seconds. So it is 94.22 milli seconds. But in...
  20. B

    OWASP CRS ModSecurity rules not blocking malicious request body in OpenLiteSpeed

    I followed this tutorial: Installing and Configuring the OpenLiteSpeed ModSecurity Module • OpenLiteSpeed to install OWASP CRS. Tested with malicious URL like: - http://localhost:8003/attack.php?q=<script>alert(document.cookie)</script> - http://localhost:8003/attack.php?q=/bin/bash all works...