Custom php.ini per Vhost


I am running openlitespeed on ubuntu 18.04 in a DigitalOcean droplet. I have configured a second Vhost but I cannot figure out how to create a custom php.ini file separately for each domain.

Could you please share some documentation or guides?



you will need to create an exteranl app under the virtual host and define PHPRC=/path/to/user/php.ini in that external application Environment and set php handler suffix mapping to this newly created external app. Let me know if it is not clear.


"Environment" settings in external application , and place "PHPRC=/home/user1/public_html/php.ini"(change the path to the user's real path).
I have set up the route and the script handler for ini files but still is not working. Could you please send detailed documentation?

This is the current route in my environment tab



Did you set "script hander" to use the newly created external app? can you past your screenshot of your virtual host external app you just created, and script handler setting here? currrently we don't have a document for OLS yet, we will add it later.
I am sure that there is something wrong with the script handler and you are not advising. I deleted the php.ini and htaccess file completely but the error is still there. Please be more helpful, as it is totally your mistake the lack of documentation.