DirectAdmin / FreeBSD : How to change configurations


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I am using DirectAdmin on FreeBSD. Since when you install OpenLiteSpeed via DirectAdmin, there are many includes in the OLS config file therefore, the Web Panel does not work anymore (which I wish it will be fixed in 1.6).

Now, would you please help let me know that in which files the settings related to below features are located?

  • CPU Affinity
  • Server Signature
  • LSCache
I have OLS 1.4.49 installed.

Thank you in advanced


meanwhile, you can just get a box let's say Centox7 on aws or somewhere else , make your change through admin, and copy them over to your freeBSD. It could be really hard without Admin to configure it. I have show your two settings as an example, The rest of the settings you can find out yourself.


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Then I would prefer to wait for an update.

Between the supported control panels DirectAdmin is one of the best so I would prefer to wait.

Thanks alot for your support