Example vhost - Getting upload progress bar to work

In the Example vhost you have a pop-up that let's us test file upload capabilities. The upload itself works fine but I cannot get the progress bar to work. I get the error:

"ERROR -- uploadProgress module not enabled?"

At first I thought this had to do with the uploadprogress module for PHP, so I went ahead and installed it via the Pear method in the OLS docs (using lsphp73). Well I have a functioning module now as shown in phpinfo, but I still get the same error.

The wording in the pop-up recommends:

If context "/progress" is set to be handled by the "uploadprogress" module, then the progress request for this file will work as intended, displaying a working progress bar.

Does this refer to the Context tab in the vhost settings, and how do I go about adding a "/progress" context? It's not one of the default options (like Static, CGI, etc). Would it be set with "Module Handler"?

Or am I off-base here entirely, and it has something to do with the jQuery upload handler on that test page instead?


it is just a simple module to show the progress bar. What else you want to configure it? Nothing(parameters ) needs to configure to me.