1. M

    Recommended limits for 16 CPU/16 GB RAM and one website

    Hi, Running a single instance with 16 CPU, 16 GB RAM, NVME storage. It will serve a single WHMCS website and I was wondering if you have any tips on setting the right limits to reap off performance benefits. I can see OLS started 8 workers automatically, but the PHP settings are default and...
  2. W

    How to Install Imagick 7 compiled from Github

    Hi, I'm trying to meet the Kitt AWR plug requirements. the lsphp81-imagick only compiles from imagick 6.9, but this plugin requires imagick version 7. can someone help with what code to enter in terminal to install it? i tried from what I could find online but phpinfo still reads 6.9. I...
  3. noob404

    Website slows down or crashes on running benchmark (ab, wrk)

    Hi, I am new to OLS. Was planning to migrate from Apache as I have heard great things about OLS. So, I just setup LOMP (with PHP 8.1) with VSFTPD and phpMyAdmin on my Ubuntu 22.04 Server (Virtualbox) - 2GB RAM, 2 Cores, for testing. My website uses PHP an has atleast 3-4 MySQL calls every page...
  4. I

    Swoole vs LSPHP

    Which one have high performance? any benchmark articles? AND Can I install Swoole top of the LSPHP? Then is it get better performance?
  5. I

    PHP vs OpenLiteSpeed PHP

    I would like to know is there any different between standard PHP and OpenLiteSpeed installed PHP?
  6. J

    Added virtual host to OpenLiteSpeed is very slow

    I installed OpenLiteSpeed (server image) on vultr along with WordPress site. Now I am trying to add (virtual host) another small Laravel app on the same server (IP). The WordPress site is and the subdomain (the other other app I am trying to add) starts with "crm." (i do not want to...
  7. Master3395

    MIME type [application/x-httpd-php] for suffix '.php'

    Every now and then i get this type of error in the logs on my OpenLitespeed setup with CyberPanel. Sometimes it shows up for PHP 7.4 and sometimes for 8.1 and 8.2 Not sure why. Php 7.4 is what i mostly use. Any advice? I saw other forum posts, but I have already tried such. MIME type...
  8. Rinart73

    How to install NewRelic PHP agent for OpenLiteSpeed?

    OpenLiteSpeed uses custom php (lsphp) that is located in "/usr/local/lsws/lsphpXX/bin". Because of this if I'm following the standard instructions that NewRelic provides, I fail on the following step because: php is not globally available If I try to replace php with...
  9. H

    php website not working Error - Request Page Not Found

    What is the best way to host php website with default settings on OSL. Getting this error Request Page Not Found. phpmyadmin is working fine. Also .htaccess is there which were working fine with apache2.
  10. dtnetwork

    PHP Memory Limit

    Hello, I'm using the image on OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 VULTR that has a web panel to manage it, I use PHP 8.1, for a wordpress site, but Elementro Pro informs me that I have only 128 mb of PHP Memory Limit memory, how can I increase this memory?
  11. K

    The optional module, intl, is not installed, or has been disabled.

    Hello I am kundan sah and my Wordpress Panel Site Health Section The optional module, intl, is not installed, or has been disabled. this typesof problem with php 8.0.14 . and please help to solved this problem.
  12. zestylemon

    How do I to setup Virtual Host-specific PHP using VHost Template?

    How do I to setup Virtual Host-specific PHP using VHost Template on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS? I came across these two articles: * * The article gives...
  13. scottnzuk

    PHP Version In Use Contains Known Vulnerabilities v5.6 php - ADMIN PORTAL ONLY.

    So I run a security scan on my website from it has come back with below error message: The version of PHP in use contains a number of known security vulnerabilities which could be used to compromise the system or affect its availability. PHP is a scripting language usually used for...
  14. slowaways

    PHP Backdoor - My WordPress websites was hacked

    I didn't think this was possible, but hackers had enough access to upload a backdoor .php file to various websites hosted via OpenLiteSpeed. They exploited some WordPress vulnerability and uploaded a .php file somewhere containing a backdoor. This file was a backdoor that allowed you to...
  15. S

    OLS not parsing PHP files

    Hello, I have just set up OLS on my Ubuntu 18.04 server. I have compiled PHP from Tools > Compile PHP and it succeeded successfully. I have also created a Virtual Host for a domain, added a script handler for the same (prefix: php handler: lsphp) and added it to the default listener. The site...
  16. I

    vhosts configuration

    OLS v1.6.18 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with PHP73 (for Drupal v8 & 9 & phpMyadmin) OLS run as nobody:nogroup I have successfully installed OLS in the "default" configuration - also setup three (3) similar (basic) vhosts (example1.local & example2.local & example3.local) using a simple basic vhost...
  17. R

    Should I switch from nginx?

    Hi all, I'm considering if I should switch from nginx which has been running quite stable for me to be honest. I'm interested in the ability to serve more requests faster, but I'm not sure if my case fits the bill. At my company we run hundreds if not thousands of websites for our clients with...
  18. F

    Upgrading PHP from 7.3.22-1+focal to 7.4

    Hello everybody, I am running a WordPress website using Google Cloud Platform OpenLiteSpeed deployment. Since PHP 7.4 is out, I would like to upgrade. I have tried running sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade and it resulted in my PHP version updating from v7.3.17-1+focal to 7.3.22-1+focal. How...
  19. bhanusingh

    How do I purge cahce for some custom data that I show ?

    I have a Digital Ocean Server, with openlitespeed droplet installed on it. I also have installed the litespeed plugin in my WordPress install. This is a custom woocommerce project where people come and buy meetings which are time-sensitive events. I am facing issues with able to cache my code...
  20. K

    PHP errors are not displayed

    Hello, I installed OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.14 a day ago and I am experiencing an issue with the PHP errors not displaying. In addition to that, no error messages are logged in any of the server level or virtual host level logs. I tried using: ini_set('display_errors', '1')...