Experience required to Manage OpenLiteSpeed Server?

I am switching my hosting provider and thinking about how I am going to setup my new VPS.
I am going to use CloudLinux as the OS.

I am by no means a Unix Administrator, I tend to use WHM/cPanel most of the time but when required I can turn to using command line instructions
Now, on my current server I am using cPanel and LSWS but think on switching to CyberlPanel and OpenLiteSpeed to save money, my worry is not been able configure and manage OpenLiteSpeed correctly.

my question: is it easy enough to manage OpenLiteSpeed particularly given my level of experience with Unix and Apache server?, I am willing to learn.

Thank you for your kind replies



If you have been using cpanel with apache for a while without any problem, I don't see any obstacle for you to use cyberpanel + OLS. Linux OS itself is a different topic than the web server and control panel. Normally control panel will manage most of the stuff automatically for you instead of you manage all stuff manually on a bare OS. I would say you should have confidence to give it a try.

Check documentation to see if you have any questions. Setup some test run. A lot of googling for Linux basic. and you can ask questions here if they are OLS and cyber panel related.