G'Day from a burning Sydney, Australia


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Hi all,
Happy New Year!

Since getting to know my new-found web server favourite last year, I have been learning a lot putting my own website and client to run OLS. Hopefully, I can be as good as I am with Apache or Nginx hence can start contributing to this crowd-support community.

See you around
-- denis


It's nice to hear from you, Denis. I'm glad you are enjoying learning OLS, and I hope you are staying safe from the fires!


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Hi Lisa,

The fire is still bad, but getting better.

OLS is fast - no one can deny that. That's a good start.
The challenge (and temptation) is to go too big and bloated with all unnecessary "features" and we got Apache all over again.:)

Keep up the good word team! I will spend as many time as possible around here.
Happy New Year!