[HELP] Where is php.ini in OLS

My siystem:
ubuntu 16.004
OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.5

Can anyone tell me, where is php.ini?

I try to modify some settings to my server.

root@myserver:~# find /usr/local/lsws/ -name "php.ini"

when I change some value on those files, it doesn't affect my web.
max_file_uploads = 128M

Can anyone tell me, where is php.ini?
Tried adding a phpinfo.php to /usr/local/lsws/admin/html but it returns 403 Access Forbidden whether I am logged in to OpenLiteSpeed or not. I need php.ini at the server level, not the individual web site level.

Please either post the answer to the question or post exact steps for getting PHP info.