Help with PHP install

Trying to install PHP 7.1 with OLS 1.4.25.

The build process (one click from admin console) completes and I've put in place the development version of the php.ini file.

I can see from lsphp -i that it finds the .ini file just fine. The external app and script handler is set up similar to the instructions here:

After a restart, I can see that a lsphp executable is launched when hitting a test page (phpinfo..), but the page returns nothing (zero bytes). And no amount of fiddling with the php.ini will make it produce an error file anywhere on the system (currently using an absolute path to a file).

Any tips on even getting it to produce a coherent error file somewhere?
Follow up information. I've done some additional testing and it seems that the lsphp executable has no problem processing something from /usr/local/lsws/Example/php, for example, but fails with no output on the same file in another web root (like /home/website/html for example). I've fiddled with permissions, ownership, groupership (heh) and nothing seems to make a difference.

Looking at the strace output of a successful and failed attempt, the only difference is the part where it actually outputs the results from the phpinfo call.

I know I'm missing something stupid, but I just can't see it.


Hi @Eric Ladner

You can try setting debug level to 10/debug-high and restarting and visiting the page again. The error logs will be produced in /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log and should give more information about the specific request you made.

Let us know what you get!