Hi all !


Hey George,

I am equally as excited, I think this project is still very much it's infancy, but once it takes off its going to give Nginx a real run for their money.

Am playing around with OLS a bit more now as some time has freed up at last!
Indeed.. indeed..

I am modifying OpenLiteSpeed to customise it's out of box defaults to fit into my usual CentOS server environments so will be interesting to see how it goes :D


Hi George, I'm a user rather than a tech or tinkerer. I like to know basic stuff as we usually have unmanaged hosting (well, we started with cPanel shared, moved to cPanel VPS, then to ISPConfig3 VPS and now looking to move to panel-less dedicated).

As looking to move machines at the moment, I figure it is a good time to evaluate and perhaps change web server as well. We currently use nginx (used Apache till a year ago, but it was crashing on us a lot) + Varnish. nginx is fine but sick and tired of 502/503 and nginx config based rewrites and inability to load mods without recompiling. So when I saw the OLS announcement, I was excited. But the lack of .htaccess support is a downer. Also, I haven't really seen any "adequately real" benchmarks (no offence George - I applaud your enthusiasm and work) indicating that OLS (or OLS+Varnish) would be better than Apache + Varnish or nginx + Varnish.


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Howdy Octy,

We'll be working on addressing the dearth of benchmarks. Well, actually, more on that in the benchmark thread you started. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet...