How to add an extra domain to my OLS Wordpress droplet?

Hi There,
All is fine, I've installed OLS droplet and Wordpress became blazingly fast! As always, no issues here, :) :) :) however, I bought an extra domain (.com extension). I just want to forward entire domain to my droplet - no single pages, nothing, just entire domain. I created an A record to point to my droplet, I ended up having 2 domain names pointing to the same droplet :), it doesn't really work, does it? :) I believe I need to do some sort of 301 redirect, anyway, I got stuck, it seems that I need to "edit Apache configuration and add a second VirtualHost" - whatever that means.

Can someone help, guide me in the right direction please? I would like to know
How to point domain1 to domain 2 on OLS Wordpress droplet.
I went to http://ipaddress:7080 - I don't really understand what to do there.



I guess you are on DigitalOcean. May I know if you have finish the prompt script to add the new domain? If not, please visit web admin at port 7080 and add the new domain to both HTTP/HTTPS listeners.

If you setup wordpress with IP already and then pointed the domain, then you need to go to wordpress admin page to change the HOME and URL settings from IP to the new domain URL.

Thanks for the prompt reply!! Yes, I'm on DigitalOcean and everything works perfectly fine. Domain assigned to a droplet. All good. :) :)
I was wondering, is it possible to have 2 domains pointing to the same droplet?

1. - pointing to a droplet - DONE.
2. - how to I redirect it to

I got confused, cause when I login to a droplet the prompt script asks to add the new domain. So I added, and it works :) But I have one more domain I would like to point to the same droplet. Since, there are now buttons to "redirect domain to another domain", I got confused.