How to block access to port 8080


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I use openLiteSpeed 1.65 build. I have several vhosts, and general access to sites through port 80, 433 and 7080 is blocked.
Using just IP address gets blocked. But to my astonishment, if one adds port 8080 (ie phpMyAdmin) to the ip, one can access to phpMyAdmin login screen.

I could not get it blocked even if tried to map it to a domain that has access from my work ip only. It remains accessible to the world. Like an invitation.

How to block the port 8080 and to restrict it to be accessible from my work ip only ?


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OK. Thanks.

But how to block access to webadmin panel on port 7080 using http://ip_adress:7080 ?
How do I connect this port to an existing vhost?
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