1. U

    Replacing table prefix in myphpadmin and wp-config disables WP dashboard

    I have deployed openlitespeed-wordpress in GCP and it just selects the default values in wp-config.php including DB_NAME and DB_USER as 'wordpress" and table_prefix as 'wp_' i changed the database name in both phpmyadmin and wp-config without any issues but when i replace the table prefix it...
  2. O

    How to block access to port 8080

    I use openLiteSpeed 1.65 build. I have several vhosts, and general access to sites through port 80, 433 and 7080 is blocked. Using just IP address gets blocked. But to my astonishment, if one adds port 8080 (ie phpMyAdmin) to the ip, one can access to phpMyAdmin login screen. I could not get it...
  3. Naveen Dsouza

    phpmyadmin not working in Google Cloud's openlitespeed-wordpress Image works fine on fresh install from here but after step three phpmyadmin not working. I deleted and installed image multiple times and phpmyadmin working till adding ssl...
  4. P

    Login Error phpmyadmin on Centos 7

    Hi guys, i'm really new to this linux world. so installed OLS, PHP7 , Mariadb based on this site's tutorials on my Centos 7, and it's working properly. and then i'm trying to install phpMyAdmin, it's also based on this site's tutorial (
  5. Ivan Rojas

    PHPmyAdmin - file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP

    Hi, First of all i need to say that i like OLS, im new, im coming from WHM Centos, this is my first experiment with wordpress/centos 7 because im looking for speed for low traffic websites. I did the installation of OLS via "one click", everything works fine with a wordpress pre installed...