How to Install Cloudflare full strict ssl version in openlightspeed?

Please share the process of updating the cloudflare full strict process of updating the edge certificate.
Also, suggest some tips of using cloudflare with openlightspeed for better speed in wordpress.
I'm using GCP.. As cloud platform.


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Answers to your questions are generally pretty easy and straighforward but a little tricky, too.

But this wold be a very long subject since you don't give any info about the way that you installed OLS. Because it defers sligtly between deployment ways

About the SSL certificates;
You are a Cloudflare user. Besides any possible options, you can also create Letsencrypt SSL certificates within Cloudflare's SSL tab and upload them to the server manually. These certificates are only for connection between your server and Cloudflare, which is more than enough if you don't expose your real IP to the internet. They will be long term certificates, years instead of months so you won't need to struggle with SSL for years

In any case there is a big chance you'll find Certbot, Lego or some kind of certificate manager in your deployment. You can search online how-to articles or videos on the internet about using them properly.

About Speed;
Again... without knowing nothing about your deployment if would be unwise to advice -and a loooong reply!

Thou what matters most is that you can always separate your database away from the server. In your GCP account you can use CloudSQL by Google.
This way your server will loose a big burden to the sources and you'll save many hours of workload

Lastly for Cloudflare;
Cloudflare has "help button" under every option. Use it and it will give detailed, easy to understand descriptions. No hassles there. Just don't activate everything in bulk. Read the descriptions ok?

A Bonus
Back up often!! Both your server and your deployments. Backup pretty much every conf and ini file you ever change in separate places, on cloud or on your computer
Trust me, things will get wild and you wouldn't wanna repeat your adjustments over and over again when you fire up another server.

Hope these will help you to clear your path a little and give ideas
Hi, I need to know the same thing. I never really installed an SSL certificate on my origin server as I was using Cloudflare. But now as I want to use their full strict security mode I Installed the Cloudflare origin certificate for my website using LiteSpeed web admin.

Cloudflare has a very detailed guide on how to set up this. The only problem I have is there are no commands for the Litespeed server. So I just need help with commands. Guide Link -

The guide has commands for Nginx and apache but both commands are not useful for Litespeed. I am using the Litespeed server on the Google cloud platform.

I have attached images of the code and I just need the codes that do the same work but works on Litespeed.