1. rsmith4321

    Cloudflare issue with LSCache crawler

    I'm using Cloudflare with the APO features. I've noticed if I'm in developer mode bypassing the Cloudflare cache, the LSCache crawler works fine. However if Cloudflare cache is enabled, there are lots of pages sent to the blacklist. I've checked the firewall rules in Cloudflare to see if...
  2. saz99

    How to Install CloudFlare edge certificate on open Litespeed wordpress?

    I am running Openlitespeed WordPress (installed through the Linode marketplace) with Ubuntu 20.04 on a Linode VPS. Although, the setup automatically installs let's Encrypt certificate on the server, I want to switch it to Cloudflare 15 year certificate. How do I do it?
  3. A

    cURL error 7: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

    When i type curl, I’m receiving curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused I have same issue with http and port 80 I’m running my site on Ubuntu 20, openlitespeed, and cyberpanel and DNS is proxied through Cloudflare. Firewall managed by csf is...
  4. S

    Cloudflare "520 Error" - OpenLiteSpeed/DirectAdmin

    Hello! I'm using openlitespeed with directadmin. I am getting 520 errors on some websites. Could a wrong configuration on the openlitespeed side cause this? where should I start debugging? I've been trying to solve this problem for a long time. Note: Today I upgraded the openlitespeed version...
  5. Sanchit009

    How to Install Cloudflare full strict ssl version in openlightspeed?

    Please share the process of updating the cloudflare full strict process of updating the edge certificate. Also, suggest some tips of using cloudflare with openlightspeed for better speed in wordpress. I'm using GCP.. As cloud platform.
  6. raptorfx

    Point Webadmin to subdomain

    Is there a way to point the webadmin interface (<IP>:7080) to a subdomain? Example: I have my site (virutalhost, listener) pointed to and I want the webadmin interface to listen at I've read online that this can be done but I was not able to find any tutorials or...
  7. m0sh1x2

    How to restore a visitors IP when using a reverse proxy(CloudFlare)?

    Hi, I am pretty new to the setup and trying to learn but I have come to an issue that is slowly bugging me. I've been struggling to set up a correct IP forward in the access/error logs for my CyberPanel with OpenLite speed. Currently saw this article...