How to setup vhost with IPV6 and IPV4

I have a few questions regarding a vhost setup using ipv6 and ipv4 together:

1. During vhost setup do I need to add the ipv6, the ipv4 and the domain name to the "Domain Aliases" box? if so does the ipv6 go inside brackets like a browser?

Right now I've only added my ipv4 (A Record) and ipv6 (AAAA Record) to my DNS and it seems to be working but performance seems a little on the slowish side when I test the domain in the browser.

2. For listeners I'm using the "[ANY] IPv6" option. Seems to work on both ipv6 and ipv4. Is this the best option for this setup?

I read about setting up one listener for ipv6 and another for ipv4, but would this work as both would use port 80? I'm sure when I tried setting one listener for each, I would get an error on the dash log about the port 80 already being used.
If I use the recommended format "[::FFFF:x.x.x.x]" it only seems to work with ipv4.

3. When using both ipv6 and ipv4 for a domain, would I be correct in assuming:

- That the ipv6 (AAAA Record) would be resolved first before the ipv4 (A Record), for a user with IPV6 enabled on their machine / network.

- If the user doesn't have ipv6, then the domain will automatically resolve with the ipv4.

- Having both ipv6 and ipv4 for a domain would be slower than just having ipv4.

Thanks in Advance



for 1 and 2 , you need to understand the relationship between listener and vhost.

you only need to create a vhost , with domain

and then you map your vhost to listener.

and Yes , if you wish to use both ipv4 and ipv6 , then use [ANY]ipv6.

for 3, depends on client side configuration , but in general, ipv6 over ipv4.

which means , if the client has only ipv6 or both ipv6 and ipv4, his/her browser will first try to access it via ipv6, and if client doesn't have ipv6 , then it uses ipv4 as usual.

For your last question, on my personal experience , some ipv6 network connection is faster than ipv4 ...