1. S

    how to make listener which listen for both ipv4 and ipv6

    I want to make listener Default { address ipv4:80, ipv6:80 secure 0 } but it does not work not showing the domain I want to make it to listen to both ipv4 and ipv6 using the default listener can help me how to achieve this on openlitespeed.
  2. A


    there are a lot of direct visits to the site. how to disable ipv6 listening should help
  3. S

    ipv6 returns 404 with cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    My server is running on AlmaLinux with cyberpanel openlitespeed.. the website is returning 404 on ipv6 http://[2001:df3:8880:15::a68:88ba] redirecting to http://[2001:df3:8880:15::a68:88ba]/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi (also for https) http://m.justwebu.com/ >>>>...
  4. J

    Start openlitespeed and listen on Ipv6

    Hi, I have a NAT VPS and I want to run openlitespeed server. The thing is that this NAT VPS has Ipv6 and everything went good the sad part is that I cannot login to the admin panel since by default openlitespeed listen on Ipv4 only. Although it can change to Ipv6 by changing the listener. The...
  5. dooh

    binding IPv6 showing ::ffff:

    Hi there, Using OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.13 on Ubuntu 18.04. I have some issues regarding binding on IPv4+IPv6, REMOTE_ADDR, and SERVER_ADDR, is showing ::ffff:ipv4-address. I did try setting up listeners individually for IPv4 and IPv6, problem persists. Searched the forums and saw that this issue...
  6. X

    How to setup vhost with IPV6 and IPV4

    I have a few questions regarding a vhost setup using ipv6 and ipv4 together: 1. During vhost setup do I need to add the ipv6, the ipv4 and the domain name to the "Domain Aliases" box? if so does the ipv6 go inside brackets like a browser? Right now I've only added my ipv4 (A Record) and ipv6...