I want to add alias in vhost how i can add


I have created vhost file I want to add multiple aliases and how I can add them in openlitespeed.
In apache2 I can add using ServerAlias www.test.com mail.test.com testing.com www.testing.com mail.testing.com.
I want to add this to my openlitespeed how I can add.


You might want to add all domains to the listener > virtual host mappings, and the Virtual hosts> General > Domain Aliases.
Let us know if it works.
Hi, I have tried but it does not work I have two domains test1.com and test2.com
this the vhost of test1.com

docRoot                   /home/user/public_html
vhAliases                 test2.com
adminEmails               test@test.com
enableGzip                1
enableIpGeo               1
but it does not work.
but I have map in the listener does it the right way to do this

listener Default {
  address                 *:80
  secure                  0
  map                     test1.com-80 test1.com, test2.com
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