Is OLS support any kind of special variables like $VH_ROOT,$VH_DOMAIN

Is there a way to insert vars from template to Environment in LiteSpeed SAPI App ?
In litespeed you can use $VH_NAME, $VH_ROOT, $VH_DOMAIN in Environment variables.



yes. You can use some variables in LiteSpeed SAPI App.
  1. $VH_ROOT: the virtual host's home directory
  2. $VH_NAME: the virtual host's domain
  3. $VH_USER: the virtual host's user
May I know what you want to achieve? Can you give some example?
Well i checked in 1.4.50, 1.5.6 OLS

Those variables are not set in multiple places - however in litespeed it works!
for example
setting variable in LiteSpeed SAPI App -> Environment
can lead to different php.ini included with lsphp for different vhost/domain
but it not works