Issue with Per-User php.ini and PHPRC in Litespeed/DigitalOcean Setup


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I hope you're all doing well. I've encountered an issue with my Litespeed setup on DigitalOcean that I'm hoping to get some assistance with.

Setup Details:

  1. Platform: DigitalOcean
  2. Web Server: Litespeed
  3. Websites: Multiple sites hosted on a single Litespeed instance.
Issue Description:

I've set up per-user php.ini configurations for each of my virtual hosts (vhosts). The intention behind this setup was to allow individualized php.ini settings for each of my sites.

However, I've observed a peculiar behavior:

  • Single Site Setup: When I have only one site, the PHPRC path environment variable works flawlessly, pointing to the respective php.ini and applying configurations as intended.
  • Multiple Sites Setup: Upon adding a second site (or more), instead of utilizing its designated php.ini file, it pulls the php.ini configuration from the first vhost. Furthermore, PHPRC seems to malfunction and does not work as expected with multiple sites.
This is concerning as different sites may have different PHP configuration needs and I'd like each to utilize its specific php.ini without interference.

Thank you in advance.