1. P

    systemd Bug for CentOS

    Hello, I am using CyberPanel's latest version and had installed the latest version of OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.x. But when we try to access the website's it doesn't work and shows the server is down. But when we access CyberPanel via the admin console it works perfectly. I am unable to find out if...
  2. S

    Error "Compress with both Brotli and Gzip turned off."

    Hi there, After upgrading to 1.4.34, I see a lot of this error in the error log. "Compress with both Brotli and Gzip turned off." I believe the compression settings are enabled in the server config. As a result, the server has stopped handling the requests.
  3. S

    Rewrite Map config appears in Rewrite Rules once saved

    v1.4.30. When I add something to the Rewrite Map field and save it, appears in Rewrite Rules section. I guess this is happening because the rewrite rules are not being saved in correct format?
  4. S

    rewrite Rules creates malformed config

    v1.4.30. In admin panel, Virtual Host > Rewrite, when I add Rewrite Rules, it creates malformed rules in vhconf.conf. For example, when I add "rewriteFile /vagrant/.htaccess" to the admin ui interface and save, then it creates: rewrite { enable 1 logLevel...
  5. Nichael Ibanes

    Terminated with signal 11 - OCSP Stapling

    I've been battling with this for a couple of days but i think i finally narrowed it down ... Centos7 , OLS 1.4.27 , I tied both rpm installs and build from source, same issue. https access to a vhost which has OCSP Stapling on, will work ok for the first few requests and i can see the entry...