It's so quiet in here! Hello, my name is Steve and I'm a...

Sysop. Is that even still a thing? I'm actually a code slinger at heart, going back to the 80's, and a do it yourselfer. It took years to convince me to take the eight physical doubly-redundant-in-every-way Pentium servers plus a Tandy 386SX DMZ server out of service and use a Linode VPS instead. Years as in I got too old for that.

Ignoring the really old stuff, I started with FreeBSD but now Debian. Drupal but now WordPress. Apache but now OpenLiteSpeed, and I LOVE IT. I still don't fully understand it, but it just makes more sense. I'm not a career sys admin or web master (is that still a thing too?). OLS is GPLv3 (bow to RHS), the underdog (for now), super fast, and it just needs to be loved.

Anything else? I'm in Hawai'i, so I'll be active at different hours than just about all y'all. It's good to be here. I plan to help out and expect to ask a lot of questions as I ramp up my own knowledge.

Steve Meacham