Log is not piped to Logger and to much child


I have a problem with pipped Logger configuration. Below is my config for that:

Apache config:
extprocessor Logger {
  type logger
  maxConns 1
  path $SERVER_ROOT/logger.pl
  instances 1

accessLog {
        pipedLogger Logger
        logReferer 1
        logUserAgent 1
The process for logger.pl script exist under main openlitespeed process. When I am testing this script it didn't get anything on stdin or in arguments.
The script is simple at the moment, just piping stdin to file like here:

The script is working, because I put extra string inside script and it is write to output file.

So the main problem is, that log is not pipped to script.

The second problem is that instances is not working. I defined 1, but every request is generating new child process of logger.pl.

I was looking of course in Google for any help but without success.