Mautic + OpenLiteSpeed how to install?

Hey there guys,

I just started using OLS as my webserver, i used to use LEMP stack and i have this question.
I saw that Mautic is LAMP or LEMP based and i didnt find anything talking about OLS.
As Apache is kinda compatible to OLS, is it ok to install mautic following an apache tutorial?
Sorry i am not a pro at tech world and i am thankful for your help.
Hey thanks for the repply.

I already have a digital ocean vm runing openlitespeed + wordpress + mariadb that i created with the cloud images just as the link you sent
I wonder how to install mautic in my server, didnt find any tutorial or anything mentioning OLS webserver
I really cannot remove wordpress, my site is operating right now hehe
ill try following the link on number 2, but i need some help to configure the virtual host for mautic on OLS and i didnt see it there
im still kinda lost, but thanks for your good will


If you want to install mautic (new Virtual Host) based on existing OpenLiteSpeed WordPress image. Try

1. Create the virtual host with your domain, e.g.
/bin/bash <( curl -sk ) -d
2. Then upload the file to the path, e.g. /var/www/, then unzip the mautic app

3. Change the owner group, e.g.
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/
4. Create the Database/user/password

5. Finish the installation from browser
The virtual host with my domain already exists...

I already downloaded Mautic and unziped into /var/www/mautic directory, already created db for him as well but i cannot finish installation from browser

Do I have to create a new virtual host for Mautic? >.<