Newbie trying to configure OpenLiteSpeed as Reverse Proxy. Any help appreciated!


did you enable cache in OLS ?

and please create a new sub-dir wordpress , and only installs WP + LSCWP + the 2 lines in .htaccess

then check in that sub-dir WP and see if caching works ?
Cache was indeed disabled under WebAdmin OLS Server Configuration > Modules ('enableCache' and 'enablePrivateCache' were both set to 0). Below my (now assumed correct) cache module parameters:

checkPrivateCache 1
checkPublicCache 1
maxCacheObjSize 10000000
maxStaleAge 200
qsCache 1
reqCookieCache 1
respCookieCache 1
ignoreReqCacheCtrl 1
ignoreRespCacheCtrl 0

enableCache 1
expireInSeconds 3600
enablePrivateCache 1
privateExpireInSeconds 3600
storagePath $VH_ROOT/olscache

After purging all caches (W3 Total Cache, LiteSpeed Cache and Cloudflare) and visiting any page, I can indeed see the header x-litespeed-cache: hit on the first GET request on the page URL. But all of the subsequent requests to load static assets (.js, .css, image files) I see a x-litespeed-cache: miss header.

I don't think this is the expected behavior, even though static files are being served through Cloudflare.

On cache settings for LiteSpeed plugin, I simply enabled all cache options, without changing any values (so all default values for TTL apply). I've also disabled auto purge options, but I still get 'cache miss' on all static files.

Any ideas on what could be the issue, or what test I could do to try to solve this?



1. cache on static resources is meaningless and pointless, and it was not even supposed to have cache header over them.

2. as the cache instruction was made by plugin , and it doesn't instruct OLS to cache static resources.

3. when static is cached by CF , then header won't change anymore.
Ok, then I assume my LSCache is already working as expected (only first request get "hit" for x-litespeed-cache header). I will now start to play with the settings in order to find the optimal configuration for my site.

I have just one final question related to the definition of the storagePath for the cache files (cache module parameters from OLS WebAdmin server configuration): I assumed it would be good practice to define storagePath folder inside Wordpress installation cache folder, creating a subfolder for LiteSpeed (public_html/wp-content/cache/lscache). But it seems that this folder is then owned by user "nobody", which doesn't allow the "Wordpress site owner" to look into its contents.

So the discussion is: should i simply change ownership of folder/files inside lscache folder to the wordpress site owner (will OLS still work properly)? Or should I then let the "default" storagePath as /usr/local/lwsw/cachedata (where OLS is installed on server) and then don't bother about having the cached data "away" from Wordpress installation?


personally I would suggest to use default.

if you have multiple sites , better to use default , otherwise you will need to copy-paste to set up cache module on every single vhost you want to use cache.