reverse proxy

  1. C

    How do I proxy traffic to a different server?

    I am new to openlitespeed and web server management in general, so excuse the question if it is rather novice. Current setup: running on openlitespeed and running on a completely separate server on the same network. What I am trying to accomplish...
  2. havastamas

    OpenLiteSpeed reverse proxy fail - need help

    Hello everyone! Few days ago i have installed OpenLiteSpeed on my Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS. I have used nginx before, im hosting mostly Wordpress sites, and i seen a few tests about OLS great performance. I have successfully set up my server, the WP sites runs well (the TTFB is a bit with OLS...
  3. P

    [Request] UseCanonicalPhysicalPort

    Hello, We are using OLS behind a proxy on several servers and almost everything works out of the box. However, some applications tries to redirect users after some actions using the _SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] variable. Since we are running OLS on localhost:9443 por HTTPS and localhost:8088 for HTTP...