OLS Bash Installer - Adding PHP 8.3?

hey @Cold-Egg - was just wondering if you could check in with the powers that be about PHP 8.3 and give us all a status update?

To the powers that be - It's very hard to defend OLS as a viable option for new projects when it's not on top of the basics. PHP 8.3 was released 4 months ago after many months in beta. So there was lots of time to prioritize supporting it. It's getting much much harder to justify to customers that OLS should be considered for new projects when the latest versions for stuff isn't supported.


No problem. Not sure which installer script you mean, if you want to run PHP83 on WordPress or do some PHP coding, then it is ready to use.


As I said, some dependency packages are not ready, e.g. redis/memcache. But if you don't need those, and just need to develop with PHP83, then you can modify the script and run it.
Can I compile the PHP to support Redis by myself in the OLS's control panel.

I try to recompile it with this parameters, But it's not effect.

'--enable-redis' '--enable-exif' '--with-imagick' '--enable-litespeed' '--with-gd'