OLS + Django = GET request URLs not working


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I recently used the pre-built image on the DigitalOcean market place to create a server for hosting both OLS as well as a Django app. For whatever, reason, whenever I try and use GET parameters in any URL on my site, such as /login-error/?next=/index/ the parameter is completely ignored and nothing is sent. For example, my site has shops on it, and the URL /viewshop/?shop_id=1 returns these variables in Django:

request        <WSGIRequest: GET '/viewshop/'>
shop_id        None
Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? I'm guessing it might have something to do with the cache module, but I am not sure.



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Hi yes I did. I’m just using the default settings shown in that guide. Also I don’t think it has to do with how the application is coded because it works locally, just not when uploaded to the server with LS on it.


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It happened on 1.4.44 which is the version that I’m on currently.

Django GET parameters are usually after a / in the URL if that makes a difference. However it works fine locally so I’m not 100% sure where the issue is occurring, but Django gets “None” returned for GET parameters so OLS is dropping them somewhere.
Hi Noah, I believe that MAKES a difference. In other servers like Apache, "domain" (document_root) ends with "/", but not in OLS. In fact, htaccess redirects in OLS have to add a initial "/" in front of apache to work. I'm sure thats its related with our issue. Well seen.
I update OLS and now is working. When 1.4.46 release I saw OLS changelog, but not found any related. Even so, I updated and now is working.

My actual working env:

OS: Debian 8 Jessie
OLS Version: 1.4.46
OLS lswgi Bin: lsapi wsgi 1.4 compiled with python 3.6.8 by Anaconda
Python venv Bin: Python 3.6.8 :: Anaconda, Inc.
Django: 2.1.7

@xmail @Noah Can you update OLS to last version to confirm this?