ols php module intl installed, but Wordpress still says it's missing it

Hi there. Wordpress says it misses the php modules imagick and intl.

Missing imagick seems to be a common problem currently for Rocky Linux 8: https://forum.openlitespeed.org/thr...-imagick-nothing-provides-libmagickcore.5432/ so this thread is only because of missing intl.

I installed with the command:
sudo dnf install lsphp81-intl
and restarted ols with:
sudo systemctl restart lsws
However Wordpress keeps insisting I'm still missing the module intl.

I couldn't find much info online, except that maybe I should check if the module is activated. But how do I do this? Or what else should I do/check to fix this?
php -m | grep intl gives a positive result.

OS: Rocky Linux 8
PHP: 8.1


Have you restart PHP by "killall lsphp"? maybe you can create a phpinfo page to verify if the package is installed or not first.