OLS stoped working on Cyberpanel from last night


last night suddenly OLS stoped working on my cyberpanel server,
The log file is : https://drive.google.com/file/d/15WeulFmVwaxVlSWXhgTWzNOaHAowcAg6/view?usp=sharing

1-I got these errors when opening the https://<my ip address>:7080 :
dial tcp <my ip address>connect: connection refused
refused to connect. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

2-found this and did that but noting changes...
sudo apt-get clean
sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists /tmp
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
and reboot the droplet.

The OLS version :
VERSION: LITESPEED/1.7.16 OPEN (BUILD BUILT: FRI MAY 13 19:00:23 UTC 2022) / Ubuntu 20.04 TLS
module versions: lsquic 3.0.4modgzip 1.1cache 1.64mod_security 1.4

3-In cyberpanel server status shows the OpenLiteSpeed is Running but the websites and the webconsol of openlitespeed wont opend.

4-I stoped the fierwall , modsecurity
5-did this : https://community.cyberpanel.net/t/...login-to-openlitespeed-webadmin-console/14052

Still have problem ...
I've been having this problem regularly, like things will stay running for days, or sometime weeks at a time and then I'll get uptime notices that all of the websites are down. The CyberPanel on port 8090 is running but the OpenLiteSpeed web panel on port 7080 is down also. I'll attempt to restart LiteSpeed from within CyberPanel but it doesn't resolve the issue and I have no solution but to reboot my entire server instance.