One click install

The installation does not stop as before, but it still displays an error and I'm not able to access the site, it loads and it does not show the page at all.

The error: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.
Edit: I do not know if this is the reason that is generating this problem, I installed the extension using this: yum install php-mysql
and restarted the litespeed but the error still continued.

I used this command to install on a vps with Centos 7

bash --lsphp 72 --email --dbname wordpressols --dbuser fabianski --dbpassword Zqg#GaboA5QF --wordpressplus

i tried this too

bash --lsphp 72


Both commands should be fine and there is no problem in our test installation.

Did you run the command on a fresh CenOS 7? It should not have mysql extension missing problem anymore.

"The installation does not stop as before", it is correct, the first one with "--wordpressplus" and with other parametters intend to do automatic installation for wordpress.
the second command should install openlitespeed and lsphp72, there is no need for pop up questions.