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    Open Litespeed not installing from binary or repository on Ubuntu 23.04 VPS

    The OpenLiteSpeed Repository doesn't have a release file, and trying to install from binary gives me a bunch of empty directories and missing files, like so: I installed Ruby and that did nothing. Trying to install from repository gives me this: ubuntu@vps-720f8549:~/openlitespeed$ sudo...
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    Is there any repo which work for all linux distros

    Error while installing OLS in AlmaLinux 9 : Error: Problem: package openlitespeed-1.7.16-4.el9.x86_64 requires lsphp74-mbstring, but none of the providers can be installed I dont get the above error in almalinux 8. I use the below command to install OLS in Centos, ubuntu,almalinux8 and they...
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    Where is the Quick Start Guide?

    Hi there, After DigitalOcean Droplet is completed I always refer to your quick guide to update php or allow firewall. What did you do with it? The 7th July update broke that page or is it intentional? It's explicitly stated: "Please visit our Quick Start page for details on how to access your...
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    One Click WordPress installation not working on Vultr

    Hi, I have tried 5 times to installed WordPress on new Vultr VPS but every time I am getting the following error. Finished setting up WordPress. Finished MySQL setup without error. Trying to stop some web servers that may be using port 80. [OK] litespeed: pid=4450. Please be aware that your...
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    One click install

    this one click install tool is not working anymore? the last update was in 2018... I'm trying to install but I get an error like php is missing mysql extension I saw that there is an open issue in github with this same problem but no response...
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    Questions about Cyberpanel, GZip and Vary Headers

    Hi, I have some questions about Cyberpanel, GZip Compression and Vary Header. I've noticed that if I do not activate the plug-in LiteSpeed Cache in Wordpress, the GZip and Vary headers do not appear. In fact, the tests like PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom, tell me that GZip compression is...
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    memcached install?

    is there any tutorials on how to install memcached on litespeed ubuntu i found one from litespeed but it's not in ubuntu cheers