OpenLiteSpeed keeps writing [DEBUG] messages in server log when logging is turned off


I am having a strange issue. I am using OpenLitespeed on this server for approx a year, but quite recently (a few months ago) the server started logging various debug messages in the server's log file.

I have checked if I have the debug mode turned on in the server or any of the virtual hosts, but none was turned on. I have set all these log levels to ERROR only (see attached screenshot).

However, OpenLitespeed is still filling my error.log with debug messages. And there are so many debug messages that it hogs up the disk space.

I have tried to toggle the Debug mode (in the "Actions" menu On and Off) but to no avail. When the debugging mode was turned on, there were even more debug messages, so I turned it off.

The version of the OpenLiteSpeed server I am running is 1.6.13.

Some of the debug messages include the hostname (but not all), which might mean that the virtual host just passes all messages back down to the server log file.
Here is a sample line with the hostname (redacted):
2021-05-08 19:20:14.830938 [DEBUG] [] HttpSession::nextRequest()!

I have attached a sample log file, so you can see what kind of log messages are included. The hostname and IPs are all redacted.

I am trying various things to resolve this issue, but nothing seems to work.
Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?


Thank you for your reply.
I did try to restart, stop and start the lsws service multiple times. I also rebooted the whole machine a few times in hopes that this would resolve the issue, but nothing changed.

I did have an "Example" virtual host set up, although it wasn't bound to any listener. However, I have removed this virtual host as I was suspecting that it might be causing the issue. But nothing changed. The debug messages still kept coming in.

Is it possible that I have some kind of SSL handshake debug mode turned on and if so, do you maybe know where can I turn it on? I know that I was trying to figure some issues with SSL handshake in the past (about a year ago, although I am not sure if this is the server I was trying to figure this our) and it could be that I turned on some special debug mode which I cannot locate now.

I have marked what seems suspicious to me fro some kind of SSL handshake debugging below:

2021-05-10 07:32:25.169983 [DEBUG] [QUIC:B018C5F104E6E454] mini-conn: connection expired: closing
2021-05-10 07:32:25.169990 [DEBUG] engine: incref conn B018C5F104E6E454, 'H' -> 'CH'
2021-05-10 07:32:25.169998 [DEBUG] engine: decref conn B018C5F104E6E454, 'CH' -> 'C'
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170004 [DEBUG] engine: decref conn B018C5F104E6E454, 'C' -> ''
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170012 [DEBUG] purga: added 382487E37B10398E to the set
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170018 [DEBUG] purga: added BB68E343F597A14D to the set
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170026 [DEBUG] [QUIC:B018C5F104E6E454] handshake: iquic_esfi_destroy
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170066 [DEBUG] [QUIC:B018C5F104E6E454] mini-conn: ietf_mini_conn_ci_destroyed
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170072 [DEBUG] QuicEngine::removeOldSCIDs
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170078 [DEBUG] [QuicShm::markBadCidItems]: mark CID 382487E37B10398E with PID: -1
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170083 [DEBUG] [QuicShm::markBadCidItems]: mark CID BB68E343F597A14D with PID: -1
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170090 [DEBUG] removed CID 382487E37B10398E from CID/Listener hash
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170094 [DEBUG] removed CID BB68E343F597A14D from CID/Listener hash
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170098 [DEBUG] engine: next advisory tick is 276125 usec away: conn 31A1A28460E7D597: IDLE
2021-05-10 07:32:25.170177 [WARN] End QUIC busy loop at 758