OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.27 Now Available

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    OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.27 was released today.

    In this release: support for libressl, lsphp7 parameter, bug fixes, and more!

    Full release log:

    Server Core
    * [New] Added support for libressl.
    * [Update] Updated LSIAPI and all modules accordingly.
    * [Update] libundns will now be downloaded and installed when not already present.
    * [Update] Added parameter '--with-lsphp7' to configure to support the installation of lsphp7 on CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.
    * [Update] Changed the IpToLoc::lookup() api to be able properly handle IPv6 lookup.
    * [Update] All module configurations are now parsed by the server instead of by each individual module.
    * [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an overflow in http2 server push.
    * [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in httprespheader where headers >64K would not be handled correctly.
    * [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where deleting HttpFetch could cause crashing.
    * [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in HttpReq::processRequestLine that could cause crashing.
    * [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in addrlookupCb which could cause crashing when hosts did not contain ',' .

    PageSpeed Module
    * [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug were an incorrect query string and request body were used.


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