OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.28 Now Available



OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.28 was released today.

In this release: multithreading APIs for LSIAPI, bug fixes, and more!

Full release log:
Server Core
[New] Added multithreading APIs for LSIAPI.
[Update] WebAdmin Console can now be disabled by adding "disablewebadmin" in httpd_config.conf.
[Update] Multiple instances of OLS can now be run at the same time by configuring additional OLS installations with --with-pidfile, with-exampleport, and (optional) --with-tempdir configuration flags.
[Update] Limited autoupdate checks to at most twice a day.
[Update] Updated caching to store the compressed data for all compressible file types excluding small static files.
[Bug Fix] Fixed bugs in lswsctrl and
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in http2 by breaking large header frames into smaller frames + CONTINUATION frames.
PageSpeed Module
[Update] Upgraded to PSOL lib and redesigned the execution flow to increase performance.


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@jivy26 If you installed OLS via our RPM or DEB packages then all you need to do is run yum update or apt-get update && apt-get upgrade . If you manually compiled OLS from source all you need to to do is build the latest package and overwrite the binaries located in /usr/local/lsws/bin/ .
It looks like the new compressed caching was causing weird issues with Google. Websites would no longer render in Webmaster Tools or the Pagespeed Insights tool, and my sites literally disappeared from the Google search index. I disabled the Wordpress LS plugin and everything returned to normal and was back on Google within hours.

I saw this bug fix which is not yet release:

Built OSL fron source on a local machine and simply replaced the modules/ file on my live server. Seems to have solved the issue.

Seems pretty critical from an SEO point of view, so I'm mentioning it here. Also curious if anyone would advise against just replacing the