Perfect OpenLiteSpeed, May I Know which Country It belongs to ?

I Like OpenLiteSpeed too Much .
It is very very Good.
I search My Question at Google ,or Baidu, or Bing, Nobody post or write Which Country it belongs to.

I also do not see the ducuments or Guides in Chinese Language.
But In China, there is big Market for OpenLiteSpeed.

Anybody Can tell me Which Country does it born?
Which Country it belongs to?

Does it have the agent in China?

What kind of Requirements If I want to apply the Sole Agent for OpenLiteSpeed.

How Much Deposit should I give , if I want to apply the Sole Agent in China?


Hi Jacky,

I'm glad you like it. OpenLiteSpeed is the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise, everyone can use it, not for sale.
If you want to use OpenLiteSpeed as a proprietary product, contact us about obtaining an OEM license.

Feel free to check about us