Proxy extension and HTTP/2

I was testing out whether I could get a full HTTP/2 chain working with OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.8 acting as a reverse proxy.

Clients successfully establish HTTP/2 connections to OpenLiteSpeed, but despite HTTPS being configured for the proxied web server / external application, OLS connects to the proxied web server only via HTTP/1.1 (w/ TLS).

I can manually connect from the OpenLiteSpeed machine to the proxied web server via HTTP/2 using curl for example.

Does the proxy extension support anything else besides HTTP/1.x? I thought I read about it a year ago but couldn't find it back.



as far as I know , reverse proxy on OLS and LiteSpeed Enterprise only support HTTP/1.1 to backends.

only LiteSpeed ADC supports HTTP/1.1 , HTTP/2 , HTTP/3 and QUIC on reverse proxy for the time being.

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@lsqtwrk thank you for the feedback, that pretty much confirms my test results.

I'll add a feature request for this then, I'm pretty sure that this will become one of the performance features for OLS and LiteSpeed Enterprise in the future that will attract users and customers alike, as consumer HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and QUIC support is now already.