Should I switch from nginx?

Hi all,

I'm considering if I should switch from nginx which has been running quite stable for me to be honest. I'm interested in the ability to serve more requests faster, but I'm not sure if my case fits the bill.

At my company we run hundreds if not thousands of websites for our clients with nginx. Everytime a client comes on board we automatically generate a new nginx config file and hot reload (so we actually don't need and don't want a control panel). Each client site runs on nginx with phpfpm since our application is built on Symfony framework. Our nginx also makes use of luajit and redis for serving cached web pages (I see that can be switched to lscache) and redirection rules (we store tons of redirection rules on redis and we use Lua to match and redirect if necessary).

On the app level, we use some exotic php extensions such as bcmath which I don't find available on ls repo (we use ubunto btw). I wonder if it's possible to compile extension?

I'm open to any advice and suggestion. I can also share my current nginx configs and lua script if necessary.
It sounds like a huge undertaking for a pretty vague problem statement. I've seen benchmarks of well-tuned nginx with performance that challenges that of LS + lscache out-of-the-box. If your problem is just scaling, you may find better ROI by just throwing some more hardware (money) at the problem but keep the same architeture.

Disclaimer: I'm speaking from a business perspective. I've never used LS, just OLS, and for far fewer websites than you are running. I'd wager you COULD do more requests faster on the same hardware with LS. Good luck making a business case.