systemd Bug for CentOS


I am using CyberPanel's latest version and had installed the latest version of OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.x. But when we try to access the website's it doesn't work and shows the server is down. But when we access CyberPanel via the admin console it works perfectly. I am unable to find out if OpenLiteSpeed is working for CyberPanel why isn't it working for websites.
CyberPanel support has pointed me to downgrade OpenLiteSpeed and even after downgrading, it doesn't seem to load the websites. But as seen previously, the CyberPanel admin console is accessible.

The issue has been listed here at CyberPanel forums:

Also, someone has mentioned that after RedHat updated their "systemd" this problem has started occurring.
Here is a link:

Can this issue be fixed by OpenLiteSpeed team?

I see Server Down 521 Error via Cloudflare.

For your query I get,
unix 2 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 24438
unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 24437
Cyberpanel uses a different server altogether to serve itself, so that isn't related.

And error 521 simply means OpenLiteSpeed is not running at all. You should check the status with service lsws status

If it is stopped, Try to start it.

CyberPanel guys have fixed the issue for me.
service lsws status showed LiteSpeed running, but the website's wouldn't run at all.
The CyberPanel and LiteSpeed web panel wouldn't run though.

The issue can be closed now.
Thank you for the confirmation @prasad0889 .

For those interested, the actual issue was that the webadmin did not have a valid SSL File defined in the SSL section. This was not related to systemd or the bug mentioned. Litespeed installs itself with a valid self-signed SSL, but in this case, it was corrupted, and hence lsws did not start.

Fix was to add another valid self-signed SSL to the Webadmin Listener section, and then restarting lsws.