/tmp i space 100%

I have openlitespeed installed in a digital ocean server. After every 10 days it I see Iuse 100% for '/tmp' folder. It started happening recently.
I have to delete the large number of files using this command.
find . -type f -exec rm -v {} \;
What should be the solution to this ? Do I need to increase the space of this file ? How do I do that ?
These are the files.
removed './sess_kkpd5gdummp87rjk18v4tup9re'
removed './sess_ef26lsdupi3n0b6uk2gehuc8g9'
removed './sess_kt4f4qa9rut0iu5ekgmubcpvj4'
removed './sess_cahr55c4hf7dlc58g40njk7p9g'
removed './sess_8uuebma0qvlt5i4074qk5e57gp'
I am not sure if they are session files ? @Cold-Egg