Updated to OLS 1.6.7, Password Protected Directory with Realm and Context Not Working Now

realm authorized_users {
    userDB  {
      location            $SERVER_ROOT/conf/vhosts/mydomain.com/authorized_users
context /my_page/ {
    allowBrowse           0
    realm                 authorized_users

    rewrite  {

    addDefaultCharset     off

    phpIniOverride  {

This is in a vhost template.
You do not have location in `context /my_page/`?
It's in a vhost template and the info says this...

Syntax: It can be an absolute path or path relative to $SERVER_ROOT, $VH_ROOT, or $DOC_ROOT. $DOC_ROOT is the default relative path, and can be omitted.

So I assumed I can leave that blank as $DOC_ROOT is the default value.
To check the issue, you may use the absolute path for the location, do not forget the tail /.
Such as location /home/user1/dirabc/
How about the Example page, still there? There is a /protected/ context which has a such case, can you do a test?
If still not work, you may raise a ticket in our system and our support team may help .