We need lsphp* ready for Arch Linux in x86_64 architecture


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The packages openlitespeed and openlitespeed-bin on the AUR were no longer maintained.
Therefore, they became orphans and I decided to be the maintainer.

As you can see in the AUR policy:

> Usually, at least 10 votes are required for something to move into extra.
However, if a TU wants to support a package, it will often be found in the repository.

Basically, it is still in the AUR, because no Arch Linux Trusted User has deemed the package qualitative enough to move to the extra repository.
As I see things, the upstream repo is not qualitative enough to be officially supported and maintained.

You can also see the systemd unit provided in the openlitespeed GitHub repo is outdated, so I submitted a PR: https://github.com/litespeedtech/openlitespeed/pull/358.