WordPress: everything is 404

I'm new to OLS, migrating from Caddy, and trying to setup two wordpress sites and three reverse proxy sites. (Haven't tried setting up the reverse proxy ones yet).

However, absolutely everything is 404; /, /wp-login.php, permalinks, etc

The site is in /home/caddy/html, owned by nobody:nogroup, and has an existing wordpress install. Document Root and Virtual Host Root are both set to /home/caddy/html.

*.php files are setup to be handled by lsphp as well.

I'm out of ideas now.

My dedicated server runs Ubuntu 20.04.
Listener yes, although the :443 listener refuses connection without cloudflare and with cloudflare aborts ssl connection (cloudflare cert installed in OLS web admin) domain mapping I'm not sure
I've got SSL working now the problem is php: using php7.4-fpm provided by ubuntu complains it's missing php-mysql, using lsphp 7.3 LSAPI results in:

Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required 'LS' (include_path='.:') in Unknown on line 0
*deep sigh of relief*
Okay it seems wordpress + lsphp do not get along. In addition lsphp overrides normal php in a very hacky fashion causing everything to break if lsphp config files aren't properly removed
Few things i've learned so far:

Never ever ever forget that trailing /
Permissions are important - it isn't kind enough to tell your they're wrong even if they are